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Colleges spend billions on energy expenditures every year. A typical dorm room is vacant approximately 70% of an average day. With the right management system, costs can be greatly reduced.

Students can use their smartphones to adjust temperature and turn on/off lights with the touch of a button. If a student decides to take a spontaneous trip home or leave campus, they can make temperature adjustments – remotely.

An additional feature – the app also allows students to enter programmable schedules and enable geolocation triggers on their smartphone. This way, when a student walks back into his or her dorm room, the EcoSmart Mobile app will automatically begin heating or cooling the room for maximum comfort.


New York University:

  • Location: New York, NY
  • Market: Education
  • Rooms: 4,629
  • Annual Electricity Savings: 2,737,304 kWh
  • Annual Steam Savings: 5,066.2 Mlb
  • Run-Time Savings: 30.6%
  • Total Annual Savings: $727,455.00

The products in the EcoSmart solution can reduce equipment run-time and energy consumption in unoccupied rooms by 20-45%
and typically achieve ROI in 18-36 months.

EcoSmart’s Benefits 

  • Maximum room-by-room energy savings

  • Cost-effective installation

  • Typically achieves ROI in 18-36 months

  • Increased operational efficiency

  • Reduced HVAC maintenance costs

  • Automated savings

  • Consistent student comfort

Billions in Energy Expenses Annually
Daily Dorm Room Vacancy Rate
Possible Energy Reduction

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