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Hotels spend billions on energy expenditures every year yet the typical hotel room is vacant 70 percent of an average day. Lighting and HVAC costs represent two of the largest uncontrolled operating expenses, but they do not need to be, if you have an energy management system.

The EcoSmart intelligent automation platform allows you to develop targeted solutions that dramatically reduce energy consumption, improve operation efficiency with measurable results.


Sheraton Dallas Hotel:

  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Market: Hospitality
  • Rooms: 1,840
  • Run-time Savings: 45.3%

The products in the EcoSmart solution can reduce equipment run-time and energy consumption in unoccupied rooms by 20-45%
and typically achieve ROI in 18-36 months.

EcoSmart’s Benefits 

  • Maximum room-by-room energy savings

  • Consistent guest comfort

  • Cost-effective installation

  • Typically achieves ROI in 18-36 months

  • Increased operational efficiency

  • Reduced HVAC maintenance costs

  • Humidity control and asset protection

  • Visibility into health of HVAC units

Billions in Energy Expenses Annually
Daily Room Vacancy Rate
HVAC Portion of Electricity Expenses

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