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In order to provide an accurate quote for our clients, it is essential that our technicians work in conjunction with appropriate team members to gather property specific information known as a “site survey”. This process typically involves a physical visit from one of our trained professionals and a collection of detailed information about the location – the more the better!

Information collected for the site survey is comprised of 3 broad categories:

HVAC / Thermostat Information

During this part of the process, we will collect information related to what kind of HVAC systems you are currently using to cool the rooms on the property. Are you using 2 pipe central air? PTAC? 4 pipe fan coil? Our Telkonet system is found in hotels worldwide and virtually works with any kind of HVAC system out there.

We will also collect information regarding:

  • Current thermostat make and model numbers
  • Type of voltage(s) they are currently running on

*** Telkonet thermostats have the option of being hardwired (18-277V AC or DC, 24 VACC/VDC, 120-277 VAC) or battery powered.

Room Layout(s) & Floor Plans 

One of the main components of the Telkonet system is accurately determining occupancy and regulating your HVAC output accordingly. Because of this, it is critical that we have a full understanding of how the rooms in your facility are structured as well as the number of different room types and their quantities (room schedule).

In an optimal situation, a certified technician will visit each room type and photograph the room layout, HVAC system and thermostat(s). From gathering this information, we will be able to determine whether the thermostat is positioned in an area that allows for an unobstructed view of the bed or if additional sensors will be needed – for instance, suites that have separate living areas. The ability to provide existing floor plans and property blueprints is also extremely helpful.

IT Nework & PMS System 

A common question we get is “will this system interfere with my wifi?” The short answer is no since Telkonet runs on its own wireless Zigbee mesh network.

Some of the common IT information we will gather during a site survey will be:

  • Types of risers between floors

  • What kind of cableways are in the ceilings

  • Location of wireless access points

  • PMS system currently running

  • Type of PMS server connector

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