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Together, the EcoSmart energy management platform of wireless devices report back to EcoCentral. The energy monitoring system’s data is analyzed and results in real-time reporting to track progress toward total efficiency goals. Installation is versatile, customizable and scalable. We understand no two buildings are the same and communicating over wireless networks offers flexibility, allowing for customized system designs that will work best for each customer.


EcoTouch+ Wireless Thermostat

The EcoTouch+ wireless thermostat with internal occupancy detection offers a flexible energy savings solution with a sleek, ultra-thin and modern design. The EcoTouch+ offers complete freedom to install anywhere. And when room renovations dictate relocation, moving the thermostat only takes a few minutes.


The EcoAir, with its more traditional design, is similar to the EcoTouch+ in that it can be the wireless interface component to the EcoSource+ HVAC Controller. Like the EcoTouch+, it offers easy installation and the freedom to install anywhere. Like the EcoTouch+, the EcoAir features internal occupancy detection.


A revolutionary energy management thermostat with a built-in occupancy sensor and optional ZigBee® capability. The EcoInsight+ provides access to tools that constantly monitor and control your energy savings. It is easily programmable and is simple to install on packaged terminal air conditioners, fan coils, heat pumps, split systems, and more.


The EcoConnect serves as integrated energy management coordinator of the devices connected to the ZigBee network, managing approximately 50-100 thermostats. Each EcoConnect is wired with Ethernet cabling to the EcoCommander.


EcoSense+ remote occupancy sensors are a room management system for motion, body heat and ambient light level to ensure accurate occupancy detection. The EcoSense+ may be hardwired or communicate wirelessly with a ZigBee Standard Power module.


The EcoContact+ is part of the room management system that wirelessly recognizes when entry doors, patio doors, and windows open and close. It then transmits that data to the thermostat, which is programmed to act accordingly, in the manner defined by you.


The ZigBee-enabled EcoGuard can control lighting, media centers, and most other electronic devices. The EcoGuard relies on user input via the EcoCentral (cloud-based interface) to manage and monitor current.


The EcoSwitch is an individually addressable integrated energy management light switch. It controls lighting with commands from an EcoSmart thermostat or occupancy sensor, an EcoCentral schedule, manual command or hotel Property Management System that determines sold/unsold room status.

EcoCommander Pro 4.6

The EcoCommander is a network-edge gateway server that proves real-time data aggregation, reporting, and management of the EcoSmart product suite.